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Good Food | Good wine

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Eat- In Mexican Food Restaurant in Cedar City, No Delivery

Brody's Mexican Restaurant is the ultimate authentic Mexican food restaurant. Enjoy delicious, freshly-made Mexican food dishes with your friends and family. They will treat you with the traditional Mexican hospitality and enjoyable dining experience. Don't miss their delicious burritos.

Our Menu

We love making Mexican Food

Most people enjoy a nice glass of imported beer with their Mexican Meal. Take a look at the variety of beverages that are offered. If you are not a beer drinker, look for other beverages to enjoy on the menu. Of course, you can always select water as it does go with everything!


Guacamole dip, Quesadilla Grande, Brody's Nachos supreme, Choriquesadilla....

seafood specialties

Brody's Molcajete Supreme, Camarones al mojo de ajo, Filete Rebosado, Shrimp Fajitas....

Brody's Signature Dishes

Brody's Molcajete Supreme [molka'xete], Pineapple Fajitas, El Mean Molcajete [molka'xete]....

Brodys Specialties

Enchiladas Suizas, Pechuga a La Parilla, Chicken Mole Enchiladas, Milanesa, Chile Verde....

Veggie Specialties

Veggie Taco Salad, Veggie Enchiladas, Veggie Pineapple Fajita, Veggie Street Tacos....

Good Food | Good Wine​

BEST Mexican Food

Brody's Mexican Restaurant

Most people enjoy a nice glass of imported beer with their Mexican Meal.

There is a Mexican restaurant in every city in the world. So, it is important to find the best Mexican food restaurant for your family. Every good restaurant starts with clean and fresh food. We would love for you to come and join us soon and find out what we are about.

Happy Customers!

"Found a great little Mexican food place. Great food and even better service. They made us feel like family. I'm a chips and salsa lover and these were up there among some of the best I've had. Highly recommend this place if your looking for authentic."

- Sherrill Anderson

"Opening statement: "Holy Cow!" If there is anywhere that is a must try in Cedar City, this is it. Hands down my favorite place to eat, such great quality in their food as well as their service. The owner is wonderful and pleasant and his dedication to service and his passion for his food really comes out in this small dive. Do not pass this place up. Go. Here."

- Scot Carrington

"BEST FOOD!! My 7yr old "The beans taste like heaven!" And I fully agree! Very calm and relaxed atmosphere. The wait staff is attentive and efficient. The food is always quick and so fresh! Highly recommend!"

- Michael Holyoak

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